Monday, June 28, 2010

sweet summer time

My Mom got me this super cute pillow to "summerize" the wicker set on my porch. :)
It made me so happy to be home this summer...For the first time since I was 19 and home from my Freshman year of college.  I am back home and (other than missing my Lowell friends every single day) and am so happy!!!
I am playing softball twice a week and having the BEST time with the girls. 
We played tonight and...this is what happened as I slid home...
It hurts like H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!!
But I LOVE LOVE LOVE being on a TEAM again. :)
And win or lose (yes, I incurred this injury in a LOSS) we have so much fun. 
And K is SOOOOOO much happier out here in the sticks!!
He hates city life.  He's much happier even though we have to drive farther to get EVERYWHERE!!! 
I tell him, "You like it so much...YOU DRIVE!!" :)
And I LOVE that I am home to cook healthy meals for (myself and) my family...

Working out with my Mom, and fellow W.W. (no matter how bad my blisters get...)
because how can anyone feel pain wearing these FAB shoes???
Now that I'm home and close to my NUGGETS, I can never leave!!!!
Here's the DOO DOO BIRD sliding HEAD-FIRST down the slide and guarding his dinos...
and then my LIVI GRACIE modeling some serious shades as she is my FAVE shopping partner. :)
Another happy reason to be home....
Tomorrow night is the premiere of ECLIPSE,
Part 3 of the Twilight Saga....
and I get to go with my sisters, my fave cousins, and our friends. :)


  1. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home! Love you! Mwuh!