Wednesday, April 27, 2011

a sunshine day

Friends are the sunshine of life.
~John Hay

Yesterday, we didn't have an official playdate due to some sick kiddos :(
but Liv and I did go hang out with Jen and Jordan 
on an absolutely gorgeous day. :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!!
I hope everyone had a beautiful holiday.

K and I got all dolled-up for church :)

After church he was quick to trade his tie for some bunny ears
while hiding eggs out in the yard for the kiddos to hunt for. :)
Here they are, post hunt, in their Easter best. <3

Mom set a beautiful table...
 Unfortunately as far as I got was a glass of champagne 
and a little hors d'oeuvres since I had to go to work for 2 o'clock :(
We had champagne with hibiscus flowers...
I had just read about this in How I Planned Your Wedding
the book my mom got me for my birthday,
and then she's like check these out.
I LOVE when that happens!! :)
I want to cook with them. :)
I found some recipes here at Leslie Loves Veggies.

So, off to work I went :(
but I knew that Carina and her mom, Linda were coming in for dinner. :) :) :)
It was so wonderful to visit with them.
Linda brought me a whole basket of belated birthday gifts
(this is becoming my b-day MONTH!!).

I hope everyone had an awesome Easter
and has a great week!!
It's supposed to be 70-80 degrees here this week.
Can't wait to bask in the sunshine!!
:) :) :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

rainy days and mondays

On Sunday, we learned about Easter at Sunday School :)
Death is a difficult concept for pre-schoolers, nevermind  RESURRECTION!! :)
We tried our best. :)

Yesterday, K and I celebrated Spring with our first "bout" of catch
I say bout because we are so competitive :) 
But that's what makes it fun. I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

Then we had "brinner"
(breakfast for dinner)
Breakfast pie with ham, sharp cheddar, broccoli, 
spinach, egg beaters, and a hashbrown crust :)
Oh yeah, and MIMOSAS :) :) :)

Then, in between periods of the Bruins game (they WON!!)
I made these double chunk chocolate cookies.
I added white chocolate fave :)

Off to PlayGroup with Dayt and Liv :) :) :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

celebrate #42

Even though the Sox are stinking up the place
and blew a 3-0 lead tonight and lost 7-6 
for a season total of 2 wins and 10 losses (!!!!)
Causing our beloved commentators, Don and Jerry to do this...
What's WAY more important is that it's 
Jackie Robinson Day
for every team in the MLB.
He blazed a trail for all  minority players
breaking the color barrier in professional baseball
and did it with all-star numbers all the way :)
No, that "B" is not for the Boston Red Sox;
he played for the Brooklyn Dodgers.
It doesn't matter what team he played for...
he did it for ALL OF US :) :) :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

birthday back up...

Okay, so Tuesday was my birthday...
Let's back up to Monday...
I was on duty with Dayt the Great
and K was home due to a work switcharoo...
which led to plenty of sticker-booking and sword-fighting :)

Then we had a little cookout at my parent's house, 
Thanks to my baby sis, Jade for all the black and white photos :)

And, for anyone that knows me...
you had to see food pics coming!! :) :) :)
This one is ready for the pages of Food and Wine!!
Then check out these "brownie bites."
They make me so happy to be a spring baby. :)
And, finally...Jen made this salad for playdate as my birthday request. :)
PINK dressing? HELLO!!!! Of course, it's my fave!! ;)

We had playdate at my house and then went to the Common.
I couldn't get all the city-folk to quit calling it "the park." :)
No better way to celebrate my birthday than with my girls and kiddos. :) :) :)

Just as I was about to post
I saw that my friend, Koralee 
posted this little gem right in time for my birthday
since around here we call it a "birthday week." :)
You can check her out at bluebird notes.
She also just sent me some gorgeous hand-made giftcards 
that I may love too much to ever send!!

Thanks to all my friends and fam who made this b-day special. :)
And as I said to Kenny, 
"I'm pretty excited to never age again!!! 29 and holdin'!!"
:) :) :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the big 2-9

Happy Birthday To ME!! :)
Celebrated with my fam last night 
and today it'll be a PlayDate party and then...some fun ;)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

buggin...but got me some new boots

Sometimes you're the windshield,
Sometimes you're the bug.
Sometimes it all comes together, baby,
Sometimes you're just a fool in love.
Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger,
Sometimes you're the ball.
Sometimes it all comes together,
Sometimes you're gonna lose it all.
-Mary Chapin Carpenter

This song is from one of my favorite albums of all time. 
~Thank you, Dad, for introducing me to MCC. :)~
It is apropos today, after the train-wreck day I had...
and the fact that the Sox have started their season 0-6,
the worst start sine 1945!!
They need to get their act together 
(and they only have another 154 games to do it!!!) ;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

benefits and birthdays

On Thursday, we attended the American Adventure Banquet 
at my Mom's school. Holden Christian Academy. :)
My sister, Jade spoke about her time at HCA 
and about Dayton starting there for pre-school in the fall. :)
He will be the first child of an alumni to attend. EXCITING!!
We went to support her and Mom and HCA's Christian Education efforts. :)
It was a fun night with yummy food.

Sunday, after work, we went to Bocado
to celebrate Sarah's (and my very early) birthdays.

Dayton came over on Monday and we invented
Devil's Food Rainbow Sprinkle Almond Cookies!! :) :) :)
For supper, K and I made Chicken Broccoli n Cheddar Croissants.
We made lots so I could bring them to Playdate for Sarah's birthday party.
Here we are packed up and ready to go.
Livi will reap the benefits of Monday's efforts...
but I sent Dayt home with some cookies. :) :) :)

Jen made this awesome cake with No Pudge Brownies
I'll have to have her give me the recipe. :)

You may have noticed...
Our group is growing. :) :) :)
Recently, Maureen and Elise joined the group 
(and big brother Adam when he's not in school)
and also, Donna and Stella are new, too.
We must have been having the coolest PlayDates in town. :) :) :)
Also debuting...Jada's new look!!
Bangs and a bob and new glasses!
Both these lil chicks are just too cute!!
Next week we'll all be at my place to celebrate my birthday.
I can't wait!! :) :) :)