Wednesday, April 6, 2011

benefits and birthdays

On Thursday, we attended the American Adventure Banquet 
at my Mom's school. Holden Christian Academy. :)
My sister, Jade spoke about her time at HCA 
and about Dayton starting there for pre-school in the fall. :)
He will be the first child of an alumni to attend. EXCITING!!
We went to support her and Mom and HCA's Christian Education efforts. :)
It was a fun night with yummy food.

Sunday, after work, we went to Bocado
to celebrate Sarah's (and my very early) birthdays.

Dayton came over on Monday and we invented
Devil's Food Rainbow Sprinkle Almond Cookies!! :) :) :)
For supper, K and I made Chicken Broccoli n Cheddar Croissants.
We made lots so I could bring them to Playdate for Sarah's birthday party.
Here we are packed up and ready to go.
Livi will reap the benefits of Monday's efforts...
but I sent Dayt home with some cookies. :) :) :)

Jen made this awesome cake with No Pudge Brownies
I'll have to have her give me the recipe. :)

You may have noticed...
Our group is growing. :) :) :)
Recently, Maureen and Elise joined the group 
(and big brother Adam when he's not in school)
and also, Donna and Stella are new, too.
We must have been having the coolest PlayDates in town. :) :) :)
Also debuting...Jada's new look!!
Bangs and a bob and new glasses!
Both these lil chicks are just too cute!!
Next week we'll all be at my place to celebrate my birthday.
I can't wait!! :) :) :)


  1. As I was enjoying each picture, I had to laugh because you are going from one party to another!

    Dayton sits just the way my grand daughter sits, when I have her helping me in the kitchen, on the counter corner!

    So, your party is next? When?

  2. Wow so many parties to go to
    Aren't you just popular going to them two by two
    Must take a lot of time
    But hey it gave me this rhyme
    The pictures were a joy to look at as well
    Now my rhyme is about to go all to hmmm hell
    Don't yell
    Or cast a spell
    Christine told us to come
    And check out some
    Of the posts you do
    So I came to see you
    Now off I go
    Yes I know
    Quite wierd indeed
    Unlike your delightful feed

  3. Way tooo sweet my friend...your photos always show how much LOVE is in your family! xoxoxo hugs.

  4. Yummy times! Happy pics! Your banner always cracks me up every time I pop by! :) Love you!