Thursday, April 14, 2011

birthday back up...

Okay, so Tuesday was my birthday...
Let's back up to Monday...
I was on duty with Dayt the Great
and K was home due to a work switcharoo...
which led to plenty of sticker-booking and sword-fighting :)

Then we had a little cookout at my parent's house, 
Thanks to my baby sis, Jade for all the black and white photos :)

And, for anyone that knows me...
you had to see food pics coming!! :) :) :)
This one is ready for the pages of Food and Wine!!
Then check out these "brownie bites."
They make me so happy to be a spring baby. :)
And, finally...Jen made this salad for playdate as my birthday request. :)
PINK dressing? HELLO!!!! Of course, it's my fave!! ;)

We had playdate at my house and then went to the Common.
I couldn't get all the city-folk to quit calling it "the park." :)
No better way to celebrate my birthday than with my girls and kiddos. :) :) :)

Just as I was about to post
I saw that my friend, Koralee 
posted this little gem right in time for my birthday
since around here we call it a "birthday week." :)
You can check her out at bluebird notes.
She also just sent me some gorgeous hand-made giftcards 
that I may love too much to ever send!!

Thanks to all my friends and fam who made this b-day special. :)
And as I said to Kenny, 
"I'm pretty excited to never age again!!! 29 and holdin'!!"
:) :) :)


  1. You my sweet friend are way too kind. And to think I missed your Birthday! Hugs and love to you...just a little late. Looks like you had a fun day! Love those cupcakes. I am so glad you got the cards and like them.

    Hugs my sweeeeeeet friend .xoxoxo

  2. Birthdays are suppose to make you feel very special.
    It looks like you know that!
    This post if full of fun, family and friends.
    Happy Birthday, all week long!!