Monday, January 31, 2011

100th Birthday!!

What a beautiful winter day. :)
And, okay, fine, it's not really anyone's 100th birthday...
but it is my 100th blog, and my Grandmother's 81st birthday! :)
I thought I'd lure you in with a catchy title.
I learned that in Journalism 101 ;)

Yesterday, Mom and I taught Sunday School.
Jade spent a well-deserved night away with her hubby.
The kids sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
and watercolored...
This one is Dayton's.
Framed, it became GG's birthday present.

I stopped at Dunkins and got us all coffee...
I was pretty excited that they were rooting for the Celtics, too. :)
They played the Lakers 
(hence my BEAT L.A. tee in my pic with Grammie)
and they won!!!

We went to visit her after church and brought a PARTY. :)
Happy Birthday, my beautiful, sweet Grammie. :)

 Wishing you all warm blessings as we brace for more snow.
Another blizzard tomorrow, they say...

Thank you to my followers and readers for your comments 
and facebook "likes" on my little blog. :)
It's truly a love of mine this NJaW...
I hope you know now that it's true.
Not Just a Waitress.
not JUST an anything...
and neither
are you.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

ice queen

 Inspired by my friend, Chris...
I am posting my Simple Pleasures
I hate the snow, the sleet, the cold, the shoveling, the...well ALL OF IT!!
Except for the icicles!!!
Marveling at the icicles is my simple pleasure :)

Here's a few reasons why I hate the snow...
Halfway there!!
I did it!!  
Look at all that snow and the big lump on the right where K's car truck used to be :)
(he hates when I call his truck a "car."

While I'm at it 
I would like to add two more simple pleasures...
Diet Mountain Dew 
on tap at Chuck E. Cheese :)
and some wine and conversation with an old friend. :)

Happy Weekend, Ya'll :)

Friday, January 21, 2011


So, last I left you...I had two fist-fighting monkeys on my hands.
Here are some pics from the rest of our day...
So proper with napkins in their laps...
Then tub time
Witness the epic battle of Clydesdale Vs. Albinosaurus :)
Then we invented crab ice cream...
We decided to bake some cookies...
Dayton told me, "Cookies are BROWN!" when I asked him what color we should make them.
I sang him Harry Chapin and told him, "There are so many colors in a COOKIE, so many colors in the morning sun, so many colors in a COOKIE and we'll EAT EVERY ONE!!"
Anyhoo...We settled on orange.
I also told him, "A watched cookie never bakes."
Lookin' pretty good I'd say. :)
Then time to hide on me in the cupboard...
Then I made Dayton clean up the day's messes!!
HaHa I promise...he volunteered!! :)
Then, the Mommas were done work for the day,
(though I'd be willing to bet Auntie C worked the hardest)
and we headed out to dinner and a movie.
We loved the movie!!
It was a sad, beautiful story full of amazing music.
The world tried to break me
I found a road to take me
There aint nothing but a blue sky now
After all of my running
I’m finally coming
 I came home last night to this wonderful treat K made me. :)
Okay, I admit to transferring it to a pretty glass. ;)
YUMMY orange smoothies
(secret ingredient: orange freeze pops)
:) :) :)
Gotta love coming home...

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

midweek update:

So...I went out to dinner with my darling friend Karen, 
and...she has asked me to be her BRIDESMAID!!
Of course, I have excitedly accepted!! :)
I am looking forward to gown shopping and helping with whatever I can. :)
I am so excited for ALL THINGS WEDDING!!!

On Tuesday, I spent the day snowed-in with Livi.
I decided to see what I could do with the same yummy ingredients 
K used to make my Monday morning omelette for our lunch...
We done good. :)
Time for a tub and a nap!!
Today I have Livi AND Dayton all day while their Mommas work
so that we three sisters can go to dinner and a movie tonight. :)
We've all been looking forward to seeing "Country Strong."
We don't get to hang out (especially just us) often enough so I am looking forward to it. 
As for today, let the insanity ensue!!
Don't worry, I've got provisions...
:)  So far the kids are getting along and are pleasantly distracted by
"How to Train Your Dragon" so that I could do this quick post...
One drumstick each... WHAT WAS I THINKING??
At least they are sharing!!
AWW!! Coloring together and getting along!! :)
Well, gotta go...Gotta break up a fist fight!!!