Wednesday, January 19, 2011

midweek update:

So...I went out to dinner with my darling friend Karen, 
and...she has asked me to be her BRIDESMAID!!
Of course, I have excitedly accepted!! :)
I am looking forward to gown shopping and helping with whatever I can. :)
I am so excited for ALL THINGS WEDDING!!!

On Tuesday, I spent the day snowed-in with Livi.
I decided to see what I could do with the same yummy ingredients 
K used to make my Monday morning omelette for our lunch...
We done good. :)
Time for a tub and a nap!!
Today I have Livi AND Dayton all day while their Mommas work
so that we three sisters can go to dinner and a movie tonight. :)
We've all been looking forward to seeing "Country Strong."
We don't get to hang out (especially just us) often enough so I am looking forward to it. 
As for today, let the insanity ensue!!
Don't worry, I've got provisions...
:)  So far the kids are getting along and are pleasantly distracted by
"How to Train Your Dragon" so that I could do this quick post...
One drumstick each... WHAT WAS I THINKING??
At least they are sharing!!
AWW!! Coloring together and getting along!! :)
Well, gotta go...Gotta break up a fist fight!!!


  1. These cute little ones are ADORABLE! And so are YOU, Crystal.
    Have a happy Wednesday xxxx

  2. Love the Mid-Week Updates.
    Cute idea.
    Cute smiles.

  3. Those little angels fighting? Who'd ever believe it! teehee!
    Hope you girls enjoy the movie. Can't wait to see if you like it. I already told Dad I want him to take me to see it!
    Love you!

  4. Oh my goodness what sweetpeas you have!!! I sure wish I could have nap time once again.

    Ok...where have I been....just reading Susan's comment above...are you sisters??????? I so love that Susan! xoxo hUgs