Friday, January 21, 2011


So, last I left you...I had two fist-fighting monkeys on my hands.
Here are some pics from the rest of our day...
So proper with napkins in their laps...
Then tub time
Witness the epic battle of Clydesdale Vs. Albinosaurus :)
Then we invented crab ice cream...
We decided to bake some cookies...
Dayton told me, "Cookies are BROWN!" when I asked him what color we should make them.
I sang him Harry Chapin and told him, "There are so many colors in a COOKIE, so many colors in the morning sun, so many colors in a COOKIE and we'll EAT EVERY ONE!!"
Anyhoo...We settled on orange.
I also told him, "A watched cookie never bakes."
Lookin' pretty good I'd say. :)
Then time to hide on me in the cupboard...
Then I made Dayton clean up the day's messes!!
HaHa I promise...he volunteered!! :)
Then, the Mommas were done work for the day,
(though I'd be willing to bet Auntie C worked the hardest)
and we headed out to dinner and a movie.
We loved the movie!!
It was a sad, beautiful story full of amazing music.
The world tried to break me
I found a road to take me
There aint nothing but a blue sky now
After all of my running
I’m finally coming
 I came home last night to this wonderful treat K made me. :)
Okay, I admit to transferring it to a pretty glass. ;)
YUMMY orange smoothies
(secret ingredient: orange freeze pops)
:) :) :)
Gotta love coming home...


  1. You're a great auntie, Crystal. I now the kiddos had a lot of fun that day. 'Liv practically fell asleep eating her supper!
    I love that pic of the three of you girls.
    I'm still hoping Dad will take me to dinner and that movie. We'll see!
    Gotta love a boy who likes to vacuum, and a man who makes you smoothies!
    Love you, cutie!

  2. PS Does Jade read your blog!?!

  3. Oh how I wished I was 3 so I could come over and have a play date with you. Where do you get the energy? And to go out afterwards! Yes, you are a good Auntie.

  4. I miss those young children times in my life...and I soooo want to see that movie...hugs for a great new week. xox