Monday, January 31, 2011

100th Birthday!!

What a beautiful winter day. :)
And, okay, fine, it's not really anyone's 100th birthday...
but it is my 100th blog, and my Grandmother's 81st birthday! :)
I thought I'd lure you in with a catchy title.
I learned that in Journalism 101 ;)

Yesterday, Mom and I taught Sunday School.
Jade spent a well-deserved night away with her hubby.
The kids sang "Jesus Loves Me" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children"
and watercolored...
This one is Dayton's.
Framed, it became GG's birthday present.

I stopped at Dunkins and got us all coffee...
I was pretty excited that they were rooting for the Celtics, too. :)
They played the Lakers 
(hence my BEAT L.A. tee in my pic with Grammie)
and they won!!!

We went to visit her after church and brought a PARTY. :)
Happy Birthday, my beautiful, sweet Grammie. :)

 Wishing you all warm blessings as we brace for more snow.
Another blizzard tomorrow, they say...

Thank you to my followers and readers for your comments 
and facebook "likes" on my little blog. :)
It's truly a love of mine this NJaW...
I hope you know now that it's true.
Not Just a Waitress.
not JUST an anything...
and neither
are you.


  1. Thanks for being so much help at Gramma's party yesterday, Crystal! It was a fun visit. Sorry you had to work. Jade and I stayed until 5 o'clock, just before dinnertime.
    Nice pic of you and "GG."
    And you are definitely not just a waitress!" You are a daughter, sister, wife, daughter-in-law, grandaughter, niece, cousin, awesome auntie, confidante, blogger, writer, athlete, WW, fan, cook, life of the party, and delightful friend, to name a few...and most importantly, a child of God...and a blessing to me...
    Love you, sweetie!

  2. Your family is famous for it's birthdays and this one looks very special. Happy Birthday GG! You are blessed to have such a wonderful family who loves you.

    More SNOW!!!??? Oh-my-goodness.
    Great boot picture, for sure.

  3. So sweet....happy birthday to your gramma...what a sweet idea to bring her a party. xoxoxo Hugs and love