Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Wonderland

It's been a pretty exciting week around here!! :)
On Tuesday, Livi and I had a Chuckified playdate for Ty's birthday...
Getting his crown from Chuck E. with jealous little brother looking on. :)
In the "TicketBlaster" with a super excited Jada looking on,
remembering her birthday party. :)
And a super cute family pic (+Jordan, always ready for her close-up) :)
And Liv on her favorite horse racing ride...
And then Wednesday...
Just as all the Christmas decorations go back into storage...
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
My little town got 22 INCHES!!
My landlord came and plowed us out...
Later when K got home from work, we took a walk to the corner store
for storm-time necessities (like Doritos) ;)
This is the Common, my home softball field from this Summer...
On our walk home, I told Kenny,
"I bet the kids will be playing in our parking lot when we get home."
Introducing Nate and Joe. :)
They are not only my neighbors,
they are also both on my Mini-Celtics team this year. :)
I was glad we took a walk
and that I got to take pictures of the kiddos out enjoying the snow...
but I was happier to be HOME with K...snug as bugs in rugs. :) :) :)

Yesterday I took this pic on my phone... THAT'S A LOT OF SNOW!!
(and yes, I would climb that pile for some Dunkies!!)

So, post Blizzard of 2011, all of New England = Patriots Nation for this weekend.
The Pats are hosting the Jets this weekend in Foxborough...

GO PATS!!!! :) :) :)


  1. That IS a lot of snow!

    Go Seahawks! And Pats!

  2. Wow...we had oodles too my friend but then the rain all came...none is left!!! Kinda sad.

    Thank you for your sweet comment you left me concerning my lemon are just too sweet for words..I will email you body is soooooo tired now I just can not stay awake any longer...and it is only 9:30pm...I must be getting old {plus it is a Friday night...tisk tisk} Hugs my sweet friend