Monday, January 17, 2011

Cheer up, Charlie

I am posting these pictures of a barn near my home
because I need a little cheer today.
My beloved Patriots played like complete turd
and lost to the New York Jets last night.
This is life-altering for me in ways most won't understand...
Since I listen primarily to sports radio,
and watch primarily sports television...
and now I have to avoid these things at all costs
(or risk my mental stability).
These are trying times...
I watched The Price is Right at the gym this morning
(assuming Drew Carey would not mention the word "football")
and luckily my sister, Jade burned me a new "Country Strong" C.D.
that I listened to in the car.
I'll get over it.  Eventually...
But for now...
here's a few pictures with the sun shining just right to distract me.
I also took this photo of LiviGrace that day, on our way home from playgroup...
If that doesn't make you smile, I'm not sure what possibly could...

And now K just put this omelette in front of me...
(made with eggbeaters, broccoli and DeliSelects ham and WW cheese...)
*We did the math...160 calories.  It was AMAZING!
AND I'm having dinner with my dear (and newly-engaged) friend Karen tonight.
Happy Monday...
I guess...


  1. I'm sorry about your f------l t--m.
    My team lost also.

    With such a cute face,Price is Right and a hubby that can cook you a delicious, low cal-meal, you will recover quickly.

    I sympathize with you!

  2. North Brookfield Road in Spencer, right?

    If so, that's my step-granddad's old barn.

    Eff the Jets.

  3. Your shots show happiness, Crystal.
    I threw the sweet Crystal notes in the big giveaway hat, fingers crossed for YOU!
    Have a happy Monday, no blue one ^_~

  4. Pastor Dave said it best, Crystal. "It's painful." {That was right after I asked him if he could recommend a therapist for your father so he could learn to manage his outbursts toward the television!}
    Great pics, Crystal! You have so many other distractions you should be all set until baseball season! Next month! Spring training!
    GO SOX!
    Love you!