Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy (Belated) Halloween!!

Okay, okay, I'm like a month and a half late!!
But, my goal is to get caught up before Christmas.
With everything else there is to do it will be a feat...
but, alas, all we can do is try. :)

 Trick or Treat day started out well, Livi and I made "Spider Bites."
HaHa my little play on brownie bites (patting myself on the back) ;)
And then...
dun dun dunnn
a blizzard hit!
 Does this look like October to you?? 
Kenny out there braving the cold cleaning both our cars off 
while I take pictures cozy and warm. (Thanks, K!!) <3
 This was a common scene...trees hanging upside down from power wires...
This led to power outages for most of the state.
Kenny and I were without power for a week.
Luckily, we were able to stay with my parents because they have a fireplace, and we had no heat at all...and after a few days of the Caron Family Robinson (without the cool treehouse) we were able to stay with his parents since their power was back on days sooner.  
It was actually really fun to be "forced" into some quality family time. :)
Sooooo.....anyhoo. Halloween night, all together at Mom and Dad's
we improvised!! :)
 Well, most of us. Dayton brought his Batman costume. :)
 Livi, however, utilized Mom's costume box. :)
 Beth as "Dora." ;)
 Mum clowning around... :)
 Beth and me as the "Pirates who Don't do Anything"

It was a trying time but we were so grateful for both our families.

 This is my in-laws yard, that is always brilliantly cared for...
there is certainly a lot of cleaning up to do.
Tornado, Hurricane, October Blizzard...
It's got Massachusetts saying,
"Hey, Mothah Natchuh, whud we evah do to you?!?"
Here's a couple October images before we make our way to a busy and fun November...
 Livi with her Great Gramma
 Playin' with Biddy :)
the October sky...
all in all it was a pretty beautiful month. :)
Now...on to Sweet Novemeber....

Friday, December 9, 2011

back from the blogger dead!!

Hey ya'll (if anyone still reads this...)
I realize I disappeared.
I didn't even post pictures from our Florida vacation!!!
It was the most amazing week ever!!
I made lists of photos I wanted to post, planned out a week of blogs with ten pictures each...
and then, I guess, I felt overwhelmed...
and then I got so far behind...
and there's been so much stuff since then...
(halloween, liv's bday, m.b.'s baby boy noah, beth's bday, breaking dawn part 1, my cousin jackie's baby girl,  turkey day,  my friend nick's wedding, my friend jody's baby shower, a PATS GAME,  going to lowell for brian's birthday, dying my hair bright red..............)
I wondered how I could ever catch up!!!
(and I'll admit that I've been a little bummed out since we got home,
but things are looking up!!!)
I'm gonna try to catch you guys (and myself) up on all the good stuff. :)
Here's a few from our Disney trip...
 my fave :)
The view walking out from our suite the first morning :)
 Mike and Sully :) :) :) (Liv and Dayt were SO impressed!!)
 The Nemo Ride...nice background view :)
 I almost got eaten by a shark!!!!
 ...just pretty :)
 Beauty and the Beast Live. AWESOME!!
 Tower of Terror!! So much fun! :)
And we loved the Aerosmith rollercoaster. :)
I stopped choosing pics at the Epcot Wine and Food Fest...
for a couple of foodies...that's a whole 'nother post :) :)

Forgive me for my absence, from my blog and YOURS!!!
I'm BACK!!!! :) :) :) I MISSED YOU!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

weddings n babies galore

Last week, I went to a wedding...
The youngest son of a family I grew up with got married. :)
It was so much fun to all get together...
(K stayed home with Livi so Beth could come :) )
We had a blast...

Today was my cousin, Jackie's baby shower...
she's having a baby girl, and naming her "Aleena." :)

Wishing Ben and Allison a lifetime of happiness,
and the same for Jackie, her boyfriend Donnie, and of course, Aleena. :)

We're leaving for the airport in FOUR HOURS!!!
Here we come!! :) :) :)
Have a wonderful week, my blogger buddies!! <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

we crafty

You see asparagus boxes...
I was seeing homes for Dayt and Ya's "aminals"!!

Blessings for a happy week!! :)
It's ONE WEEK til K and I are in DISNEY!!!!
:) :) :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fishy friends

 On Monday, Beth and I took Dayton and Livi to
New England Aquarium in Boston.
The fun started early...they loved the train!! :)

The aquarium is so much fun!!! I'd almost forgotten how great it is!!
And the have a new "Touch Tank."  We got to touch rays and SHARKS!! :)

I think the Touch Tank was our favorite...
we went three times. :)
Dayton said his favorite part of the day 
was when a shark scared me and I screamed and splashed us all!!

Here's some pics from the rest of the day...

We had lunch at Cheers, posed with Red Auberbach
(I was trying to get them to point and say, "We're number one!!
but Dayton had his heart set on stealing his stogie!!)

We also took a carousel ride...
It was a pretty awesome day. :)
Happy kids make for a very happy auntie!! :)
(photo credit Dayton Michael Ford on this one.) <3
Blessings, bloggers!! :)