Friday, December 9, 2011

back from the blogger dead!!

Hey ya'll (if anyone still reads this...)
I realize I disappeared.
I didn't even post pictures from our Florida vacation!!!
It was the most amazing week ever!!
I made lists of photos I wanted to post, planned out a week of blogs with ten pictures each...
and then, I guess, I felt overwhelmed...
and then I got so far behind...
and there's been so much stuff since then...
(halloween, liv's bday, m.b.'s baby boy noah, beth's bday, breaking dawn part 1, my cousin jackie's baby girl,  turkey day,  my friend nick's wedding, my friend jody's baby shower, a PATS GAME,  going to lowell for brian's birthday, dying my hair bright red..............)
I wondered how I could ever catch up!!!
(and I'll admit that I've been a little bummed out since we got home,
but things are looking up!!!)
I'm gonna try to catch you guys (and myself) up on all the good stuff. :)
Here's a few from our Disney trip...
 my fave :)
The view walking out from our suite the first morning :)
 Mike and Sully :) :) :) (Liv and Dayt were SO impressed!!)
 The Nemo Ride...nice background view :)
 I almost got eaten by a shark!!!!
 ...just pretty :)
 Beauty and the Beast Live. AWESOME!!
 Tower of Terror!! So much fun! :)
And we loved the Aerosmith rollercoaster. :)
I stopped choosing pics at the Epcot Wine and Food Fest...
for a couple of foodies...that's a whole 'nother post :) :)

Forgive me for my absence, from my blog and YOURS!!!
I'm BACK!!!! :) :) :) I MISSED YOU!!!


  1. Love that pic of you and Kenny. So happy you had a great time. Sorry you were down, but so glad you're better now! I love you.

    I have missed you.
    Prayers had been sent up for you.
    And now you are back!

    (your mom mentioned you could use some prayers)

  3. nice shots of Disney - I love it there! can't wait to see your food blog...LOL