Monday, June 28, 2010

sweet summer time

My Mom got me this super cute pillow to "summerize" the wicker set on my porch. :)
It made me so happy to be home this summer...For the first time since I was 19 and home from my Freshman year of college.  I am back home and (other than missing my Lowell friends every single day) and am so happy!!!
I am playing softball twice a week and having the BEST time with the girls. 
We played tonight and...this is what happened as I slid home...
It hurts like H-E-Double Hockey Sticks!!
But I LOVE LOVE LOVE being on a TEAM again. :)
And win or lose (yes, I incurred this injury in a LOSS) we have so much fun. 
And K is SOOOOOO much happier out here in the sticks!!
He hates city life.  He's much happier even though we have to drive farther to get EVERYWHERE!!! 
I tell him, "You like it so much...YOU DRIVE!!" :)
And I LOVE that I am home to cook healthy meals for (myself and) my family...

Working out with my Mom, and fellow W.W. (no matter how bad my blisters get...)
because how can anyone feel pain wearing these FAB shoes???
Now that I'm home and close to my NUGGETS, I can never leave!!!!
Here's the DOO DOO BIRD sliding HEAD-FIRST down the slide and guarding his dinos...
and then my LIVI GRACIE modeling some serious shades as she is my FAVE shopping partner. :)
Another happy reason to be home....
Tomorrow night is the premiere of ECLIPSE,
Part 3 of the Twilight Saga....
and I get to go with my sisters, my fave cousins, and our friends. :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Goodie Bags

Jen made awesome goodie bags for all the kids at Jordan's party and gave each of them a spider plant with the buds from her big momma plant.  
Dayton couldn't wait to bring it to "my house...and watch it grow."  :)
He also loved his cool star shades. 
He said, "Take a picture of MEEE!"
Usually when we try to take his picture he turns his head at the last second (much to the chagrin of the hoards of "mamarazzi" that include my mom, my sisters, my Mimi, and me) but he was obviously diggin' the shades because he was more than happy to strike a pose. :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sandwich Head's Birthday

So...looks like I made it with the cake!!!  I pulled up to Dairy Queen with these two sleeping kiddos...
So I went to the Drive-thru to pick up the cake. HAAA!! A veteran move I'd say!!! :)
My munchkins woke right up when we got to the party.  They played and colored some birthday cards for Jordan. :)
All the kids had a great time playing and acting like complete MANIACS!!!
A few weeks ago, I asked Jordan what she wanted for her birthday.  She thought for a second and then told me..."a flashlight!"
So...I got the little maniac a Buzz Lightyear flashlight and a bunch of other fun presents, as well as a green dress just like Livi's pink one. :)  I put all the presents in a basket that Jordan can use to collect veggies from her family garden. :)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This Sunday was Father's Day and I was so fortunate to be able to see my Dad even though I had to work a double (and because we were so busy...a 13 hour day) .  He brought the whole fam in to eat at my restaurant. :) :) :)  I gave him my gifts then, a Red Sox pajama set that proclaims, "BOSTON'S BEST DAD."  And this awesome purple converse high-top bank. :)  Just like the ones he wore in high school. :)
Livi and I were swimming and playing at "Biddy and Gammy's" this week and we walked around Gram and G-dads property.  Well, I pulled her in a wagon, while she yelled, "Faster! Faster!" 

While we walked, I was really missing Granddad...and I thought about how badly my mom must miss her dad.  This is her first Father's Day without her dad.  I know that she will never be the same without him, none of us will be...but I've proud of my mom for taking care of my Gram the way she does...even as she still mourns.  We all still expect G-dad to come walking down the hill to mom's house.  I wonder when I'll stop looking up the hill in anticipation...
We miss you Granddad...I know Father's Day must be awesome in heaven...

Whitney's 1st Birthday

This Saturday, we celebrated Whitney Julianne's 1st Birthday.  She is my cousin, Stephanie's first born.  She most definitely enjoyed her princess cupcake and has the pink and purple frosting stains to prove it. :)
Here's the happy fam, Steph and W.J. with "Enemy" and Dayton and Livi enjoying their cake. :)
And here's Mom, with her telephoto lens, capturing all the right moments...<3
Today is Jordan's birthday and I am bringing Dayton AND Livi to her party.  Wish me luck!!!
So far, I've got the gift wrapped and Livi bathed and dressed...Now I just have to get myself ready, pick up Dayton, and THE CAKE!!! :) :) :) The Volvo is going into full-on Momma-mode today!!! :)

Friday, June 18, 2010

Grad Weekend Part II

This past weekend was my cousin, Katie's graduation party.  We all had a great time despite the rain. :)  
 Dayton played football with my cousin, Emily, who he calls, "Enemy." :)
My cousin, Jackie, and Olivia :)
My Uncle Mark, (Jackie's Dad) and Livi :) and Auntie Pam (Mark's wife) with Dayton. :)
 Kenny, tending the fire...and looking adorable with his tootsie pop ;)
A bunch of my cousins, my sisters and me, with our Mimi (my Dad's mom)
My cousin (and fellow Bruins fan) Chris, with his niece (my cousin, Steph's daughter) Whitney :)
Dayton with his "Uncle Nick." 
Ready for this one?? He's my cousin, Amanda's (Uncle Mark and Auntie Pam's daughter, and Mikey and Jackie's sister) boyfriend...who is also my sister's step brother-in-law...I think...HA HA HA 
It's a small world when you live in a small town. :) :) :)
Dayton "vroom vrooooooming" on the four-wheeler :)
"Enemy," Manda, and D :)
And then came the fireworks and sparklers that my Uncle Eric had to set off and light rain or shine
NO MATTER WHAT!!  It was a fun day with family. :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Graduation Weekend

This weekend my Brother-in-law, Ryan graduated from Palmer High School.  We had a fun family party and attended the graduation.  We all had a great time and we are all very proud of Ryan. :)  K's mom is OVERJOYED to have her youngest son graduate. "I'M DONE!! I'm DOOOOONE!" she told us repeatedly.  It was her graduation/celebration as much as it was his. :)

I made my mom's traditional graduation cap cookies.
They are chocolate covered graham cookies with Reeses cups underneath and a tassel on top.  The pieces are affixed with chocolate frosting and the final product is DELISH!! (so I hear) ;)
I also made potato salad that was the talk of the party. :)  K told me to buy it made from the grocery store and I was appalled!!! I made it from scratch and everyone LOVED IT!! :)

We attended graduation and looked on as Ry received his diploma and all the grads celebrated...


After the ceremony I snapped a pic of the whole fam and the three CRAZY brothers. :)

When we got home we waited for Ryan to drive his car home and then we ambushed him (and his car) with silly string and poppers and clappers and I used a bull horn to announce his graduation to the neighborhood.  He was mortified but the rest of us thought it was great fun!! :)  All and all it was a great day spent with K's fam and we are all very proud of Ryan (and my mother-in-law Kate, of course).  


I'd also like to congratulate my cousins RICHARD and KATIE for their graduation from my alma mater North Brookfield High School.  We will be celebrating with them this coming weekend. CONGRATS.  I'm so proud of you both. :) :) :)