Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This Sunday was Father's Day and I was so fortunate to be able to see my Dad even though I had to work a double (and because we were so busy...a 13 hour day) .  He brought the whole fam in to eat at my restaurant. :) :) :)  I gave him my gifts then, a Red Sox pajama set that proclaims, "BOSTON'S BEST DAD."  And this awesome purple converse high-top bank. :)  Just like the ones he wore in high school. :)
Livi and I were swimming and playing at "Biddy and Gammy's" this week and we walked around Gram and G-dads property.  Well, I pulled her in a wagon, while she yelled, "Faster! Faster!" 

While we walked, I was really missing Granddad...and I thought about how badly my mom must miss her dad.  This is her first Father's Day without her dad.  I know that she will never be the same without him, none of us will be...but I've proud of my mom for taking care of my Gram the way she does...even as she still mourns.  We all still expect G-dad to come walking down the hill to mom's house.  I wonder when I'll stop looking up the hill in anticipation...
We miss you Granddad...I know Father's Day must be awesome in heaven...

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  1. Sweet post, Crystal. I'm typing through tears. Yeah, I really miss my Dad...and I know you miss your Granddad. There's a lot of things around here that need fixing too! I told him many times I didn't know what we'd ever do without him! Gramma was having a lonely day that day too. I'm glad I went to visit. But you're right. My Dad got to spend Father's Day with his Dad AND his Heavenly Father! Nothing could be finer for him, now could it?!
    Love you sweet daughter!