Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sandwich Head's Birthday

So...looks like I made it with the cake!!!  I pulled up to Dairy Queen with these two sleeping kiddos...
So I went to the Drive-thru to pick up the cake. HAAA!! A veteran move I'd say!!! :)
My munchkins woke right up when we got to the party.  They played and colored some birthday cards for Jordan. :)
All the kids had a great time playing and acting like complete MANIACS!!!
A few weeks ago, I asked Jordan what she wanted for her birthday.  She thought for a second and then told me..."a flashlight!"
So...I got the little maniac a Buzz Lightyear flashlight and a bunch of other fun presents, as well as a green dress just like Livi's pink one. :)  I put all the presents in a basket that Jordan can use to collect veggies from her family garden. :)


  1. Awwww, so cute! Great cake! And smart move going to the drive thru! Love the pic of Liv sitting with her little feet crossed! :)
    You're a FAB auntie! Have I told you that?! :)
    Love you, Crystal! Happy Birthday, Jordan!

  2. Oh, and nice gifts! Love that you put them in a garden basket!