Friday, June 18, 2010

Grad Weekend Part II

This past weekend was my cousin, Katie's graduation party.  We all had a great time despite the rain. :)  
 Dayton played football with my cousin, Emily, who he calls, "Enemy." :)
My cousin, Jackie, and Olivia :)
My Uncle Mark, (Jackie's Dad) and Livi :) and Auntie Pam (Mark's wife) with Dayton. :)
 Kenny, tending the fire...and looking adorable with his tootsie pop ;)
A bunch of my cousins, my sisters and me, with our Mimi (my Dad's mom)
My cousin (and fellow Bruins fan) Chris, with his niece (my cousin, Steph's daughter) Whitney :)
Dayton with his "Uncle Nick." 
Ready for this one?? He's my cousin, Amanda's (Uncle Mark and Auntie Pam's daughter, and Mikey and Jackie's sister) boyfriend...who is also my sister's step brother-in-law...I think...HA HA HA 
It's a small world when you live in a small town. :) :) :)
Dayton "vroom vrooooooming" on the four-wheeler :)
"Enemy," Manda, and D :)
And then came the fireworks and sparklers that my Uncle Eric had to set off and light rain or shine
NO MATTER WHAT!!  It was a fun day with family. :)

1 comment:

  1. Let me get this straight...
    Your cousin, Amanda's uncle, who is married to aunt Shirley, who is sister to Mary's boyfriend, who is brother-in-law to...

    Well, I might not understand all the realtionships but is was fun seeing everyone enjoying the rainy day.
    Love family get togethers!