Saturday, July 30, 2011

chef Livi

new fave pic EVER

Livi got the word that Dayt was "cheffin"
and she wanted in on the game... ;)

Monday, July 25, 2011

"Dayt the Great at Eight"

That's what I call my Mondays. :)
DooDooBird Dayton and I spend these days together...
today was a particularly fun one. 

We set out to do some shopping and errands,
as we often do.  But, today, I only had only one (pink) car seat in my car.
Hence Dayt's "I want my BROWN car seat" meltdown.
A few Dunkin Donuts napkins, and a little ingenuity...
a happy Dayton makes. :) :) :)
We headed out and did some shopping.
I wanted to buy some organic ingredients to use with my farm fresh produce.
Dayt and I cooked a super yummy lunch
in my increasingly cute (although K would say "cluttered") kitchen...
We cooked up some zucchini and summer squash 
(after letting some fresh garlic sweat) in organic extra virgin olive oil...
Dayton is quite the chef...
~Lookin' good, Kiddo!!~
We added some fresh basil, salt and pepper...
and mixed it all together with organic rotini
AND we even packed some up for Mumma. :)
What a GOOF!!
And what an awesome "D the G at E!"
:) :) :)

Sunday, July 24, 2011

best men

Scotty was Kenny's Best Man at our wedding,
seven years ago today.
Last week, he asked Kenny to be Best Man in his upcoming wedding.
They are two of the best men I have ever known.
(right up there with my Dad, Granddad, and Mike Lowell)
They are both loyal, wonderful, funny, handsome, strong men
who love their gals. 
What more could you ask for??
I'm so glad that they became friends back in 3rd grade,
and that we've all become best friends over the years.

Happy Anniversary to the love of my life...
A portion of your soul has been entwined with mine. 
A gentle kind of togetherness, 
while separate we stand. 
As two trees deeply rooted in separate plots of ground, 
while their topmost branches come together, 
forming a miracle of lace against the heavens. 
~Janet Miles

Saturday, July 23, 2011

heat wAaAaAaAaAve...

It's hot and hazy...
But we ain't lazy!!

It's been between 95 and 105 degrees this week,
but that doesn't slow us down (too much)!!
We've been walking, "strolling," ballin', 
swimming, and buying local fares...
and yeah...takin' pics!! ;)
This has been my view almost every morning...
Beth and I have been taking the kids on power-walks around town.
We sweat and they "stroll." 
(get it?? their strollers) :) :) :)

We've been swimming and swinging...
and learning to blow bubbles. :)

Today we explored Klem's Farmers' Market
held by the department store Beth works for.
We had fun, even though it was a scorcher.
I got some beautiful vegetables...
I can't wait to start preparing, cooking, and EATING!! 
I also got some home-made pesto...
makes this awesome pesto.  I'm so excited to start creating new dishes with it. :)
I bought my own fresh basil, too.
(hopefully, my black thumb and I can keep it alive...)
Well, I hope everyone can...
and beat the heat!!

~Wipe the sweat off your brow and think about 

I love this SwEeEeEeEet Summer heat. :) :) :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

lucky 13

So...Where were we???
Oh yeah, Lana rescued a seal, Livi was in all her glory at the beach...
(like here...figuring out how shadows work) ;)
We had a beautiful day to enjoy SummerTimeSplashyTime!! :)
 Soooo...I got a little sunburn.  Nothing a little Noxema can't fix. :)

The SoxGrrls hit up a baseball game, courtesy of PapaSox (thanks, Dad!!)
And I presented, Lana with her very own seal pup!! Haaa!!
Even though the Sox lost (by one run..and NO, I don't wanna talk about it...)
We had a blast. :) :) :)
 My sisters yelling at opposing fans...
did I mention we HATE losing??

So..then Jen's Bday...
(and Oreo Ice Cream Cake) :)

Then...the 4th of July
(they all hate me for this one...but i don't give a WHO!!) ;)

Saturday, July 9, 2011


I have been slackin'!!
I am going to try to get you caught up in...

K's Uncle Danny passed away after a long battle with cancer...
We celebrated his life as a family.

If anyone ever would, Danny would be all about fun in the 
 We headed out to meet my "L-town Friends" at Seabrook Beach...
Livi was fearless, readying herself for the waves. :)
"Hey!! I want a boogie board!!"

Meanwhile, a Harbor Seal cub was on the beach...
 (oneofmybestfriendsinthewholeworld) Alanna, is a volunteer at NEAQ
and she made sure the seal was safe!! :) :) :)
 I was so proud to be her friend!!

Oh, shoot!! The whole 20 thing...
Stay tuned for our trip to the Red Sox and other shenanigans!!