Sunday, July 10, 2011

lucky 13

So...Where were we???
Oh yeah, Lana rescued a seal, Livi was in all her glory at the beach...
(like here...figuring out how shadows work) ;)
We had a beautiful day to enjoy SummerTimeSplashyTime!! :)
 Soooo...I got a little sunburn.  Nothing a little Noxema can't fix. :)

The SoxGrrls hit up a baseball game, courtesy of PapaSox (thanks, Dad!!)
And I presented, Lana with her very own seal pup!! Haaa!!
Even though the Sox lost (by one run..and NO, I don't wanna talk about it...)
We had a blast. :) :) :)
 My sisters yelling at opposing fans...
did I mention we HATE losing??

So..then Jen's Bday...
(and Oreo Ice Cream Cake) :)

Then...the 4th of July
(they all hate me for this one...but i don't give a WHO!!) ;)

1 comment:

  1. Crysal,
    How did I miss this????
    Funny, fun and fantastic!
    You sure do know how to have fun. No wonder everyone loves you!