Sunday, October 9, 2011

weddings n babies galore

Last week, I went to a wedding...
The youngest son of a family I grew up with got married. :)
It was so much fun to all get together...
(K stayed home with Livi so Beth could come :) )
We had a blast...

Today was my cousin, Jackie's baby shower...
she's having a baby girl, and naming her "Aleena." :)

Wishing Ben and Allison a lifetime of happiness,
and the same for Jackie, her boyfriend Donnie, and of course, Aleena. :)

We're leaving for the airport in FOUR HOURS!!!
Here we come!! :) :) :)
Have a wonderful week, my blogger buddies!! <3

Sunday, October 2, 2011

we crafty

You see asparagus boxes...
I was seeing homes for Dayt and Ya's "aminals"!!

Blessings for a happy week!! :)
It's ONE WEEK til K and I are in DISNEY!!!!
:) :) :)