Thursday, July 29, 2010

Team Jen :)

Just so we're clear...
Always have been.
As the controversy swirls and the tabloids speculate even after all these years...
GOOD GIRLS gotta stick together
I got this shirt years ago when Brad and the HOMEWRECKER first became "Brangelina"
As more details of B and A "falling in love" are revealed, I will wear my Team Aniston T-shirt to bed tonight in a show of support...
Yes, I am am nuts...
but I can't help it
she's my F-R-I-E-N-D ;)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday with the LIVSTER

Today we worked on our art. :)
Then we headed out stroller-style to go for a swim at "Biddy and Gammy's"

Yesterday Mom, Liv, and I searched the whole beach for the perfect heart-shaped rock.
Much to Mom's chagrin. :)  
Although...I assured her, with a little imagination hers were just as heart-shaped. ;)
I knew she wanted my heart rock...
and I knew I'd give it to her...but I decide to make her wait it out a bit... :) 
Today at her house, I sneakily painted it pale pink.
And left it for her next to her keyboard.  Right where I knew she'd find it. :)


Mom, B, Livi, and I went to the beach on Monday. 
We had a great time with some of my Lowell friends.
Wasn't a great picture day though...
They mostly looked like this.
Hiding our faces from the wind!!!
It was the windiest day at Hampton Beach that I can ever recall.
We still had a great day...and then we all had to scrub about a half an inch of sand out of our hair!!
Our scalps must be wonderfully exfoliated. ;)

So...let's go back to our last beach trip two weeks ago...
You with me???
Ah, yes...So, I shopped candy for my two best boys.  All things chocolate for my chocoholic hubby, and all things gummy sea-creature for my Dayton.
Here's some photos from when I gave D his gummies :)
I took some pics of K with his chocolates...but we'll save those for a rainy day... ;)  HAAA!!
I brought him the goods and he was so excited!! 
Of course, he made the sharks FIGHT!!
Then he bit their heads off!! :)
We made it into a game about counting and colors. :)
(You may notice a distinct lack of SHARK)
I asked him what an octopus was and he answered, "spider." 
I thought that was a darn good answer.
I told him that an octopus was an underwater spider that was slimy instead of hairy and to keep an eye out for both. :)
Playing with his YOBSTER :)
I heart this boy :)

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Mom got us these little champagnes for an anniversary gift.  A pink one for me :)
We had a clink of our glasses and I tried out the hot tub...
Then we headed to the hotel barbecue...
K braved the elements
but I hid under an umbrella...
It was a lovely spot once the rain cleared...
Lots of statues
I couldn't help but notice this one...
LOL poor thing!!
This is on our LIMO RIDE to TUSCANY :)
And this is us with our limo driver KENNY :)
We have stayed at the hotel several times and he has become our BFF!! :)
Mohegan is SO pretty.  I love all the mosaics and Native American motifs.
Then there is the statue...I think it's Dr. Suess inspired :)
I got a COSMO (as promised) and we enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail overlooking the waterfall :)
flatbread pizza appetizer
prosciutto, fontina, gorgonzola and fig :)
My dinner...rack of lamb
and K's filet (of course) :)
After dinner we went to the arcade...
Where I whooped K in skee-ball and basketball 
and we both caught HOOP FEVER!! Haaaaa :)
Then, we headed "home" as I began calling it, to the hotel and set out to enjoy the hot tub (this time with water in it...)
I think this look says it all...
Put that camera down and get the heck in here!!!!

Get the heck in he did...
We had a wonderful anniversary and an amazing night. :)

and now....I need a nap!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

I would say that I WOKE UP to the smell of pancakes but I was already up and showering when I felt the faint sweet smell invade my nostrils...
When I came to the kitchen, towel-clad, he was making me this heart-shaped treat :)
K and I both have the whole long weekend off.
If he has his way I'll gain 5 pounds this week!!
I LOVED his heart-shaped pancake :)
Then he made us each a stack...
Can you guess who's stack is whose?? :)
We did some shopping...K decided his wardrobe needed some improvement...He's in need of serious STYLE and WHO ELSE would he ask???? :) We shopped 'til we almost dropped...
and went out for a quick. late lunch.  So...we didn't want to go too crazy for dinner
We shared a cheese and cracker platter composed mostly of leftovers from last weekend and watched "KISS KISS BANG BANG"
I thought it was really good and SO FUNNY.  We both really liked it. :)

While I'm posting YUMMIES
here's the lunch I made, and shared yesterday at work...

OK, so back to my RELAXING vacation... :)
I spent some time relaxing in the tub this evening...
But then this picture made me actually feel bad for the last book I read (since she got no fanfare and I LOVED her)...I get this ache for shoes I forget to wear, too... :) JULIA'S CHOCOLATES
And until then...wish my sweet and me a happy anny :)
Here we are...
That blessed day 6 years ago...

Thursday, July 22, 2010

3 cheers for BUTTER!

Last night I made K a DELICIOUS pasta dish with zucchini fresh from Jen's garden. 
I couldn't help but photograph it next to hydrangea from my mom's garden. :)
I cooked the zuch in BUTTER (since it was only for I didn't want to exceed my WW points the night before weigh in...and I enjoy cooking the way I would if I wasn't so point savvy ;) )
with just salt and pepper and a little garlic powder (one of my best friends in the kitchen)
I must say it came out beautifully :) :) :)

Now...all I can think of is our ANNIVERSARY WEEKEND!!
This Saturday we will celebrate SIX YEARS of wedded bliss...
Even though sometimes the bliss may feel fleeting...and being in a lifelong partnership is WORK (and don't let anybody tell you it isn't) I couldn't be happier with the decision that I made.  Even though we were young...I know that I married my best friend and my life's comic relief (as I said in our vows on that hot July day)

This weekend we are headed for Mohegan Sun and we have dinner reservations at my favorite restaurant, TUSCANY.
There is a beautiful rock wall with fountains in front (where we will have a pre-dinner cocktail...I'll get a COSMO because I will be feeling so FABULOUS) and then we will dine on the most amazing food...I've been stalking the online menu all week!!)
(I got these off google images...I promise to take better pics...even if K is embarrassed...I will make him stand in front of things!! HAAAA!!!)

Now...the only question is......................
WHAT DO I WEAR?!?!?!?!?

Monday, July 19, 2010


This weekend our friends, Blake and Danielle came to visit.
Blake is being deployed to Afganistan in a couple of weeks...
I'm so proud of him but I'm sick with worry.
He is Kenny's best friend and one the best people I've ever met...

If you are reading this...please keep him in your prayers. 

While they were visiting, Danielle went with me to see Addison's play.
(Addison is my friend, Jen's son...but he's a teenager so he never comes to playdate...or you'd know him)   :)

It was an AMAZING show!!
I was so proud of Addison!!
I so longed to reclaim the stage!!!!! :) :) :)

Then...after dinner and all the farewells...we get a text that B and D have arrived home safely...and then K gets a text that there is a surprise for me HIDDEN in K's room...
It was this gorgeous bag of Danielle's that she's hidden and left for me as a GIFT!!!
Because she is wonderful and sneaky!! 
I hung this butterfly ABC print in our bedroom and Noah seemed to welcome it with open arms ;)

(Photos from Addison's play are from the Hanover Theatre website)