Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday with the LIVSTER

Today we worked on our art. :)
Then we headed out stroller-style to go for a swim at "Biddy and Gammy's"

Yesterday Mom, Liv, and I searched the whole beach for the perfect heart-shaped rock.
Much to Mom's chagrin. :)  
Although...I assured her, with a little imagination hers were just as heart-shaped. ;)
I knew she wanted my heart rock...
and I knew I'd give it to her...but I decide to make her wait it out a bit... :) 
Today at her house, I sneakily painted it pale pink.
And left it for her next to her keyboard.  Right where I knew she'd find it. :)


  1. ~smiling~
    I love what you did for your mom. I'm sure she will cherish the memories that go with the "pink" heart rock.
    You are a loving daughter.
    ~still smiling~

  2. A heart shaped rock painted pink and given in love is valued far more than gold my sweet girl...a treasure! Thank you!
    Love you all to pieces!!