Friday, July 16, 2010

Adventures of ThriftyGirl

Got all this loot at a recent trip to Sally's (The Salvation Army)
A dinosaur shirt for Dayton ($1!!!), lots of books, including the Lion King, also for D ($.59!!) and the book I'm about halfway through and LOVING "Julia's Chocolates" by Cathy Lamb...

I gave the flower pot to Jen for her birthday with a plant that I thought was pretty.
I don't think she expected to get pot for her birthday. HAAAA!!!
She's good with plants...I figured whatever I bought her would survive in her care. :)
I am super excited about the little African animal napkin holders I found.
I was so happy to get them home and show them to my (ever-impressed with my thrift store finds) husband. :)
I told him, "They're napkin rings, but that's not what I'm gonna use them for!!"
He said, with a sigh..."You never do."

Stayed tuned to find out where the animals will live at our house... :)


  1. I bet we could do some thrift store damage together:) I love shopping at Goodwill, Salvation Army, and Savers. Goodwill has great clothes (I can always find something I love), Salvation Army has great furniture and knick knacks, and Savers has more books than you could ever imagine, and CD's for $1.99, too! When you come visit us I will bring you to my favorites;)

  2. Thank you for visiting me the other day!!! Your treasures are lovely...I must get out there soon and do some good thrift treasure hunting! Hugs for a happy day. xoxo