Sunday, July 25, 2010


Mom got us these little champagnes for an anniversary gift.  A pink one for me :)
We had a clink of our glasses and I tried out the hot tub...
Then we headed to the hotel barbecue...
K braved the elements
but I hid under an umbrella...
It was a lovely spot once the rain cleared...
Lots of statues
I couldn't help but notice this one...
LOL poor thing!!
This is on our LIMO RIDE to TUSCANY :)
And this is us with our limo driver KENNY :)
We have stayed at the hotel several times and he has become our BFF!! :)
Mohegan is SO pretty.  I love all the mosaics and Native American motifs.
Then there is the statue...I think it's Dr. Suess inspired :)
I got a COSMO (as promised) and we enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail overlooking the waterfall :)
flatbread pizza appetizer
prosciutto, fontina, gorgonzola and fig :)
My dinner...rack of lamb
and K's filet (of course) :)
After dinner we went to the arcade...
Where I whooped K in skee-ball and basketball 
and we both caught HOOP FEVER!! Haaaaa :)
Then, we headed "home" as I began calling it, to the hotel and set out to enjoy the hot tub (this time with water in it...)
I think this look says it all...
Put that camera down and get the heck in here!!!!

Get the heck in he did...
We had a wonderful anniversary and an amazing night. :)

and now....I need a nap!!


    Beautiful hotel.
    Thoughtful mom.
    Amazing dinner.
    Happy Anninversay!

  2. Happy Anniversary!
    Love you!