Friday, July 23, 2010

Anniversary Weekend

I would say that I WOKE UP to the smell of pancakes but I was already up and showering when I felt the faint sweet smell invade my nostrils...
When I came to the kitchen, towel-clad, he was making me this heart-shaped treat :)
K and I both have the whole long weekend off.
If he has his way I'll gain 5 pounds this week!!
I LOVED his heart-shaped pancake :)
Then he made us each a stack...
Can you guess who's stack is whose?? :)
We did some shopping...K decided his wardrobe needed some improvement...He's in need of serious STYLE and WHO ELSE would he ask???? :) We shopped 'til we almost dropped...
and went out for a quick. late lunch.  So...we didn't want to go too crazy for dinner
We shared a cheese and cracker platter composed mostly of leftovers from last weekend and watched "KISS KISS BANG BANG"
I thought it was really good and SO FUNNY.  We both really liked it. :)

While I'm posting YUMMIES
here's the lunch I made, and shared yesterday at work...

OK, so back to my RELAXING vacation... :)
I spent some time relaxing in the tub this evening...
But then this picture made me actually feel bad for the last book I read (since she got no fanfare and I LOVED her)...I get this ache for shoes I forget to wear, too... :) JULIA'S CHOCOLATES
And until then...wish my sweet and me a happy anny :)
Here we are...
That blessed day 6 years ago...

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  1. Do I see a "smiley face" in the heart pancake?
    I bet you are all smiles this special weekend.
    Enjoy Tuscany and be sure to share pictures!