Monday, July 19, 2010


This weekend our friends, Blake and Danielle came to visit.
Blake is being deployed to Afganistan in a couple of weeks...
I'm so proud of him but I'm sick with worry.
He is Kenny's best friend and one the best people I've ever met...

If you are reading this...please keep him in your prayers. 

While they were visiting, Danielle went with me to see Addison's play.
(Addison is my friend, Jen's son...but he's a teenager so he never comes to playdate...or you'd know him)   :)

It was an AMAZING show!!
I was so proud of Addison!!
I so longed to reclaim the stage!!!!! :) :) :)

Then...after dinner and all the farewells...we get a text that B and D have arrived home safely...and then K gets a text that there is a surprise for me HIDDEN in K's room...
It was this gorgeous bag of Danielle's that she's hidden and left for me as a GIFT!!!
Because she is wonderful and sneaky!! 
I hung this butterfly ABC print in our bedroom and Noah seemed to welcome it with open arms ;)

(Photos from Addison's play are from the Hanover Theatre website)


  1. Of course, I will put Blake and Danielle on my prayer list.
    Love a sneaky friend! Great surprise.

    What's this about "reclaiming" the stage :)?

  2. Oh Gods blessing for Blake! I am always amazed that such wonderful men and women serve their Country so well..what a blessing.
    Thank you for visiting me the other day...your blog is lovely. xox