Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July weekend

I began my weekend of festivities by heading up to Lowell for my best friend, Alanna's birthday
 I had so (too) much fun hanging out with my old crew.
I had a blast but it made me miss them more!!
I was so glad I got to celebrate her birthday with her, though!!
Sunday, on the 4th, we had a mini-cook-out at my parents house and I was the "Chef." :)
I made W W friendly foods for those of us whose healthy lifestyles don't go on holiday. :) :)
I made veggies skewers (seasoned with S + P)
Shrimp with Move Over Butter and garlic
Turkey burgers, with WW smoked provolone
and Smart Dogs-55 calorie veggie dogs that taste like real hot dogs :)
as well as "real" cheeseburgers, "real" hotdogs, and keilbasa
For dessert, I made point-sensible Strawberry Shortcake
(because it's not Independence Day without it!!)
I used Splenda instead of sugar on the strawberries, used Heart Smart Bisquick,
and non-fat Whipped Cream.
It was delicious and guilt free :) :) :)
Livi loved it. :)
And then went for a walk with Grampie to burn off those couple of calories. :)
I went to visit Grammie and brought her these red, white, and blue flowers.
She's loves the Fourth and said they would make her happy every time she looked at them. :)
A granddaughter can't ask for more than that.

All in was a beautiful weekend with friends and family.


  1. ...a fun time...I love it when you're the chef!...Wonderful, colorful food! Great flag pic! {Happy Birthday, Alanna!}
    Love you, Crystal!

  2. I have to say that your BBQ is so neat and tidy.
    Everything is lined up straight and organized. At our house, it's a freestyle set up.
    Are you sure the shortcake is guilt free? Looks so delicious.
    Food, family and fun, always = LOVE

  3. the colors of the vegetables are amazingly stunning! Have a lovely new week. xx