Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Mom, B, Livi, and I went to the beach on Monday. 
We had a great time with some of my Lowell friends.
Wasn't a great picture day though...
They mostly looked like this.
Hiding our faces from the wind!!!
It was the windiest day at Hampton Beach that I can ever recall.
We still had a great day...and then we all had to scrub about a half an inch of sand out of our hair!!
Our scalps must be wonderfully exfoliated. ;)

So...let's go back to our last beach trip two weeks ago...
You with me???
Ah, yes...So, I shopped candy for my two best boys.  All things chocolate for my chocoholic hubby, and all things gummy sea-creature for my Dayton.
Here's some photos from when I gave D his gummies :)
I took some pics of K with his chocolates...but we'll save those for a rainy day... ;)  HAAA!!
I brought him the goods and he was so excited!! 
Of course, he made the sharks FIGHT!!
Then he bit their heads off!! :)
We made it into a game about counting and colors. :)
(You may notice a distinct lack of SHARK)
I asked him what an octopus was and he answered, "spider." 
I thought that was a darn good answer.
I told him that an octopus was an underwater spider that was slimy instead of hairy and to keep an eye out for both. :)
Playing with his YOBSTER :)
I heart this boy :)

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  1. Oh. my. goodness...I totally heart this boy myself! And what a lucky little duck to have a sweet auntie to love him all to pieces like you do!
    I heart you too, dahlin' girl! mwuh!