Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Graduation Weekend

This weekend my Brother-in-law, Ryan graduated from Palmer High School.  We had a fun family party and attended the graduation.  We all had a great time and we are all very proud of Ryan. :)  K's mom is OVERJOYED to have her youngest son graduate. "I'M DONE!! I'm DOOOOONE!" she told us repeatedly.  It was her graduation/celebration as much as it was his. :)

I made my mom's traditional graduation cap cookies.
They are chocolate covered graham cookies with Reeses cups underneath and a tassel on top.  The pieces are affixed with chocolate frosting and the final product is DELISH!! (so I hear) ;)
I also made potato salad that was the talk of the party. :)  K told me to buy it made from the grocery store and I was appalled!!! I made it from scratch and everyone LOVED IT!! :)

We attended graduation and looked on as Ry received his diploma and all the grads celebrated...


After the ceremony I snapped a pic of the whole fam and the three CRAZY brothers. :)

When we got home we waited for Ryan to drive his car home and then we ambushed him (and his car) with silly string and poppers and clappers and I used a bull horn to announce his graduation to the neighborhood.  He was mortified but the rest of us thought it was great fun!! :)  All and all it was a great day spent with K's fam and we are all very proud of Ryan (and my mother-in-law Kate, of course).  


I'd also like to congratulate my cousins RICHARD and KATIE for their graduation from my alma mater North Brookfield High School.  We will be celebrating with them this coming weekend. CONGRATS.  I'm so proud of you both. :) :) :)


  1. I love graduation. So many emotions!

  2. Looks like a wonderful celebration, Crystal! Congrats to Ryan, Richard, and Katie! Oh, and Kate! :)
    Love those graduation cap cookies! :)