Friday, June 4, 2010


Did a little thrifting today in between having lunch with K on his lunch-break and the gym (I think I may be sweating profusely until at least November). I found some sweet stuff.

The handled platter is in perfect shape and it's nice and sturdy. Also, it sits up on about one inch legs which is pretty cool ($5!!) And I got a couple T-shirts, including the "Italian Stallion" one for K, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. HA HA!!
I got a couple of cute little bug plates for my friend, Karen, who just bought a house (YAY!! For her!!) as a little mini-housewarming gift. :)
And I found this super cool little statue that I just love that appeals to my eccentric aesthetic (and my color scheme). :)
And I got this ballerina painting for my mom. I though that it would appeal to HER aesthetic. :)

While browsing, I found this...had a good little chuckle and snapped a pic on my cell phone. I sent it to a few of my friends via text message with the caption "Something very wrong with this?? Or juuuust right???"


  1. Hey Cutie!
    Sweet finds!...especially the ballerina pic! (for me??!! :)) Oh yeah, my aesthetic indeed!
    I think your little statue is holding a dove in Zephyr's honor.
    Karen will love the plates. So fun for summer.
    And that bride and groom~Too funny!
    {Hey~he'd be the perfect match for "Elsie!"}
    Love you!

  2. I can tell the picture is for your mom. Did you see her last post?

    It's always fun to come home and spread the "goods" out and see just how well you did. And you did good!