Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Happy (Belated) Halloween!!

Okay, okay, I'm like a month and a half late!!
But, my goal is to get caught up before Christmas.
With everything else there is to do it will be a feat...
but, alas, all we can do is try. :)

 Trick or Treat day started out well, Livi and I made "Spider Bites."
HaHa my little play on brownie bites (patting myself on the back) ;)
And then...
dun dun dunnn
a blizzard hit!
 Does this look like October to you?? 
Kenny out there braving the cold cleaning both our cars off 
while I take pictures cozy and warm. (Thanks, K!!) <3
 This was a common scene...trees hanging upside down from power wires...
This led to power outages for most of the state.
Kenny and I were without power for a week.
Luckily, we were able to stay with my parents because they have a fireplace, and we had no heat at all...and after a few days of the Caron Family Robinson (without the cool treehouse) we were able to stay with his parents since their power was back on days sooner.  
It was actually really fun to be "forced" into some quality family time. :)
Sooooo.....anyhoo. Halloween night, all together at Mom and Dad's
we improvised!! :)
 Well, most of us. Dayton brought his Batman costume. :)
 Livi, however, utilized Mom's costume box. :)
 Beth as "Dora." ;)
 Mum clowning around... :)
 Beth and me as the "Pirates who Don't do Anything"

It was a trying time but we were so grateful for both our families.

 This is my in-laws yard, that is always brilliantly cared for...
there is certainly a lot of cleaning up to do.
Tornado, Hurricane, October Blizzard...
It's got Massachusetts saying,
"Hey, Mothah Natchuh, whud we evah do to you?!?"
Here's a couple October images before we make our way to a busy and fun November...
 Livi with her Great Gramma
 Playin' with Biddy :)
the October sky...
all in all it was a pretty beautiful month. :)
Now...on to Sweet Novemeber....


  1. Holy months gone by, Batman! Way to catch up, Crystal! I actually loved "clowning around' with my whole crazy family!
    Love you all to pieces!


    We had heard that you all got socked with all this snow, and HERE WE ARE, in Minneapolis, with NOTHING! In fact, our temperatures for this time of year are very mild. And my mother-in-law how lives in LOS ANGELES said it was so cold that there was a dusting of snow?????????? GO FIGURE!

    It was so lovely to see your comment last night; thank you for coming by dearest and I wish you a magical and safe New England Christmas!!! Anita

  3. Hi sweet one...I have missed you! Hope all is well and your pre-christmas days are merry and bright. xoxoxoxoxo

  4. There you go again, having so much fun.
    It great to have you back so I can take notes for "fun factor".

  5. Oh my, looks like way too much adventure around there! Just stopped by to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!
    PS- and wish we could have some of that snow right about now! We should always have snow in Minneapolis during Christmas!