Tuesday, June 12, 2012

hello old friend...

  well, hello.  
i have thinking about this post all day, all month...for quite a while. 
it seemed difficult to just up and start again.  i used to post all the time and then got behind and got behind and got behind again.  i didn't know what to do or where to pick up...
where had i left off again??? ;)
  so, i decided, this is supposed to be FUN!! this is supposed to be a creative outlet for myself and for sharing with others for FUN!! so, off i go, i thought...fearlessly into the blog abyss...
and then...all technological hell broke loose! i couldn't log in, i didn't even recognize the site i was logging into, and i wasn't even trying with the right email!!! ugh! but, here i am.  and i didn't even throw my laptop at the wall!!! :)
  so, for the sake of some FUN, we'll back up about 2 months.  red sox opening day with alanna, my 30th birthday rainbow, and another april game with my sisters...

 karen, one of my best friends, got married in gloucester.  i was one of her bridesmaids.  it was a beautiful wedding.  just perfect.  and she was the most beautiful bride...

so much fun!!
well, to prove i'm back on the blogger bandwagon,
i'll post again tomorrow after dayton's preschool graduation. :)



  1. So glad you got logged on and resurfaced again.
    You were missed, very much.
    It will be fun catching up with you.

    One word.... happy!

  2. Hi Crystal~
    I tried to comment last night but I was on my notebook and for some reason it wouldn't let me!
    Loved your birthday,loved the wedding and loved Dayton's graduation.
    I'm glad you're back to posting! Hope this motivates me, once school is over, to get back to it myself. I never intended to stop. Just "stuff" got in the way.
    Love you, sweetie.