Wednesday, September 28, 2011

fishy friends

 On Monday, Beth and I took Dayton and Livi to
New England Aquarium in Boston.
The fun started early...they loved the train!! :)

The aquarium is so much fun!!! I'd almost forgotten how great it is!!
And the have a new "Touch Tank."  We got to touch rays and SHARKS!! :)

I think the Touch Tank was our favorite...
we went three times. :)
Dayton said his favorite part of the day 
was when a shark scared me and I screamed and splashed us all!!

Here's some pics from the rest of the day...

We had lunch at Cheers, posed with Red Auberbach
(I was trying to get them to point and say, "We're number one!!
but Dayton had his heart set on stealing his stogie!!)

We also took a carousel ride...
It was a pretty awesome day. :)
Happy kids make for a very happy auntie!! :)
(photo credit Dayton Michael Ford on this one.) <3
Blessings, bloggers!! :)


  1. What a Great Day!
    I don't know who had more fun, you or the kids.
    What a great Aquarium.
    Love the picture riding on the bus, those cute feet.

  2. I wish I could have gone! It looks like so much FUN! GREAT PICS! I want to touch a shark! :)
    Love you!