Friday, September 9, 2011

been on a few picniks

I love the photo-editing website "picnik."
The basic edition is FREE.
Let's all go on a picnik!! :)
This one is from this weekend, 
some of my Lowell Friends came and we went to a local fair. :) :) :)


  1. LOWELL MASS!!!!!! Oh how I remember Lowell! DEAREST, HOW ARE YOU? HOw is your mum?

    SENDING YOU A BIG HUG and thank you for coming to comment on my post. You are sweet! ENJOY A BEAUTIFUL MASSACHUSETTS SEPTEMBER DAY!


  2. So fun...I love picniks....hugs to you my friend. xoxox

  3. You have got me hooked! I started this afternoon and can't stop. Weeeee.....

    By the way, Tom and I are in our 4th week of W.W.