Wednesday, August 31, 2011

post-storm sunny skies

We are all safe and sound after the storm...
Other than power losses and fallen trees, all my friends and family are a-ok.
Some weren't so lucky and have lost houses and cars, 
so please keep them in your prayers. :)
((I guess I'll just start all my posts with weather grids now!! 
Haaa! They are just so pretty!!
K and I were so excited when they mentioned our little town by name 
on the news because we got about 6 inches of rain!! ))
I rode out the storm at the Auburn 99!!
Don't get mad at my boss! 
I got called out, but then a friend didn't have childcare 
because her husband got called in to his job, 
so I decided to take the journey through the rain and wind and work.
That morning, after I got the news I didn't have to come in 
(since I have one of the farthest drives)
I posted this on facebook...
Then, after deciding to head to work, I put this as my status...
I guess I should have said "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning how to DRIVE in the rain!" Haa!! Off to work!! Don't have power?? Come visit me at the Auburn 99!! :) :) :)
I had NO IDEA how many people were reading my status updates!! LOL 
(Even without power!!!)
The 99 was the busiest I've ever seen it. We were on an hour and a half wait! And people actually waited because they had only dark homes to go home to and we were one of the very, very few places open!! We did twice the business with half the staff!!! I got home after midnight!  It was crazy! But I was able to (work extremely hard) for a lot of $$$$. :) 
And we were able to feed lots of people without power and a ton of National Grid workers.  We have an account with them, because NattieGrid (as I call it) pays to feed their workers when they have to work extra shifts in these circumstances. 
All in all, I'm glad I made the trip in. 
Maureen got to stay home with her kids 
and we're all safe and sound, so it's allllll gooooooood. :) :) :)
Monday morning I woke up to Dayton knocking on the door and a beautiful SUNNY day!! :)
Beth and Liv came over and we all had a picnic on our church lawn 
and went to the playground.  
The calm after the storm was wonderful...
Now, it's back to the workout and diet grind and September and DISNEY approach.
I've revamped my "motivation board"
and signed up for some 5Ks. :)
And, I've been trying my best to eat farm fresh yummy food.
Here's a super-easy Roasted Vegetable recipe.
The ingredients are Veggies, Organic EVOO, garlic, salt and pepper, and "basil twists."
That's what I call the little curls of fresh basil I added at the end on top.  
The directions are below, in photos. :)  Trust me, it's DELISH. :)

I'm off to go for a RUN!
Head on out and enjoy that SUN!!

Thanks so much to everyone for their prayers for me and my family!! :)


  1. I'm so happy things all are well with you and family.
    What a storm. Sitting on the West Coast, listening to the news, you mind just wanders.
    Thanks to your mom, I was updated about you.

    Love the fresh dishes that you show! Keep'em coming!

  2. PS - I forgot to mention your new Banner....cute!