Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jade's BDay

 Yesterday Dayt and I water colored
and made birthday cards for his mumma...
I hung this line so that now we can dry and display our "art."
Happy Birthday to my baby sister, 

We had a fun family dinner...
I brought a watermelon cake
because it reminded me of when Jade was a little girl
and she'd have watermelon themed birthday parties.
It always rained...as it did today. :)

Dayton definitely enjoyed his cake...
What a goober!!
But don't worry...
he didn't eat it all.
We saved you a piece. :)

Happy birthday, my sweet Sis.
Love you.
Tomorrow...pics of LiviGracie in her party dress...
stayed tuned, my friends. :) :) :)


  1. The family resemblance is so clear!
    Even little "Goober".

    Love that cake. Thanks for saving us a taste.
    You are on a blog roll, love it!

  2. How sweet is all this...just look at that cake...pure joy. Lovely images.

    Hope all is well my friend. xox