Friday, August 12, 2011

fat tuesday

It was "Fat Tuesday
at Mardi Gras in New Orleans this week.
One of my favorite cities I've ever visited, 
and one of such great art and such great hope...
It seemed apropos to spend my day in Monson and Brimfield, 
our local towns ravaged by a tornado in early June, 
to do a little painting and a gather a little inspiration...
(and no...I didn't put all that together 'til after.  
But hey, it's apropos nonetheless.) :)
Woke up and water colored these notecards,
just washes of color that left them ripe with promise...
Then I headed to Monson with a carload of cardboard boxes, clothes, and homemade quilts...
I walked around downtown to take in the sights and see all the progress that has been made, and how much more work is to be done.
Here are a few of the many photos I took...
~~You can check out my first post after the tornado here.~~

On Hollow Road, in Brimfield, 
I checked in on some families I've gotten to know in the past couple of months
and brought them the things they needed, mostly ice and water.
I traded this man ten gallons of water for the opportunity to take this photograph...
Surely, I was on the fortunate end of that deal. :) :) :)

I returned home feeling hopeful, 
and resolved to do everything I can to help the people who lost so much...
the only difference between those people and you and I 
is that they were in the tornado's path. 

That afternoon I doodled a bit...

If anyone wants to contribute in any way please let me know or contact 
the Monson Tornado Volunteers or call the Volunteer Hotline at 1-413-258-0207.

In the meantime, let's have a little
I'll pray for you.  You'll pray for me??


  1. Deal!
    I love you, Crystal!

  2. Unbelieveable pictures!
    Your heart is HUGE.

    Thanks for the love-card

  3. You are such a dear! I so love that quote...I must write that one down. xoxoxo