Friday, August 5, 2011

update :)

Since we've last visited...
Jacoby Ellbury 
got his first and second walk-off hits for the Red Sox
on back to back nights!!!
(and did I mention he's a hottie??)
Speaking of hotties...
Tom Brady turned 34
and for his birthday...
we all got football!!
The NFL lock-out has officially ended!
I didn't know what K and I were going to talk about all winter!! ;)

I did some thrifting.
 All this loot for $8.50
The bird cage will be a surprise gift for my Mum
after I paint it white.
Shhh!!! Don't tell her!!
"Why the fish bowl??" you ask...

Nemo Blue!!
Dayton's and my new pet. :)

Have a happy weekend all!! :) :) :)


  1. You are sooooo funny!
    Cute new pet!

    By the way, doesn't your mom read your blog?

  2. Love the birdcage! I will look FAB when it's painted white. Your Mom will be so surprised! LOL!

  3. HELLO THERE! Are you a Boston gal? I lived in Mass. for 11 years! AND THANK YOU for coming to visit me! What a nice surprise to see your lovely face. I KNOW SUSAN up here above me!

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend and do come again! Anita