Thursday, January 27, 2011

ice queen

 Inspired by my friend, Chris...
I am posting my Simple Pleasures
I hate the snow, the sleet, the cold, the shoveling, the...well ALL OF IT!!
Except for the icicles!!!
Marveling at the icicles is my simple pleasure :)

Here's a few reasons why I hate the snow...
Halfway there!!
I did it!!  
Look at all that snow and the big lump on the right where K's car truck used to be :)
(he hates when I call his truck a "car."

While I'm at it 
I would like to add two more simple pleasures...
Diet Mountain Dew 
on tap at Chuck E. Cheese :)
and some wine and conversation with an old friend. :)

Happy Weekend, Ya'll :)


  1. Great title!
    Great pictures!
    Great job of scraping off the snow.

    You have a great weekend, also!
    Here's hoping Spring will come soon!

  2. Sending you oodles of warm hugs my friend....

    I just read your comment you left me on my valentine cake so cute...yes I love boxed cake mix too...not much can go wrong. Wish me luck with this heart cake idea of mine...I think I will need it.

    Happy weekend

  3. Cool post, Crystal! Get it? Snow, icicles, Yeah, I'm tired. Just like you. Turn off your computer and go to bed! :)
    Love you!