Monday, January 10, 2011


Although there is SERIOUS W.W. going on in my life,
there is also some SERIOUSLY delicious food. :) :) :)
K utilized the new "cooker" we got for Christmas to cook a delicious pork loin.
He marinated it for two days with apples and maple syrup 
and all sorts of secret ingredients. :)
I made these "his and hers" salads with deli-selects turkey and ham, 
HB eggs, carrots, fat free cheese, and MY secret ingredient...sunflower seeds :) :) :)

BUT, the creme de le creme came Sunday night :)
My work girlies and I celebrated Spider Monkey's birthday...
(It's an affectionate nickname my friend Jen and I have given each other)
She's the one with the super-cute bangs :)
We went to Bocado, a wonderful tapas restaurant...
The Birthday Grrrl
We all had "food babies" by the end of this delicious dinner. :)
It's only appropriate...
Jen eats so much every meal that post-dining she regularly grows one. :)
(a "food baby" occurs when one's belly is so full one appears to be with child)  
Happy Birthday, SM :)

Speaking of BDays, 
Livi and I are Chuck E. Cheese-bound tomorrow 
for another PlayGroup birthday...
Happy Birthday, Ty.  Livi is very excite!! :) :) :)


  1. I read this this morning and didn't have a chance to comment, until now.
    First, the title got me interested. Then when I read what a food baby was, I laughed and I laughed all day long. I'm still chuckling.

  2. aaaaaaaaaaugh! you went to bocado!
    i am glad you had a nice time. :)
    i still miss that place sometimes.

  3. Everything looks oh so yummy, Crystal.
    Have a happy Thursday xxxx