Thursday, April 7, 2011

buggin...but got me some new boots

Sometimes you're the windshield,
Sometimes you're the bug.
Sometimes it all comes together, baby,
Sometimes you're just a fool in love.
Sometimes you're the Louisville Slugger,
Sometimes you're the ball.
Sometimes it all comes together,
Sometimes you're gonna lose it all.
-Mary Chapin Carpenter

This song is from one of my favorite albums of all time. 
~Thank you, Dad, for introducing me to MCC. :)~
It is apropos today, after the train-wreck day I had...
and the fact that the Sox have started their season 0-6,
the worst start sine 1945!!
They need to get their act together 
(and they only have another 154 games to do it!!!) ;)


  1. Sounds like you are ready for some
    "Good Old Foot Stomp'en"!

    Heard it's a great way to relieve stress.

  2. Hooray for your boots, hooray for my flats! I am more than happy to have put my boots away, it's FLAT time, hoooooorayyyyyyyy

    Have a happiest of weekends, sweet Crystal, happy boot walking xxxxxxxx

  3. Love your new boots...I have always wanted a pair of cowboy boots.

    Sending you lots of Monday hugs...and lets hope those red soxs pull up their soxs and get to it!

    When I was visiting Boston we saw them was a thrill for my husband..and yes..even I enjoyed it!


  4. Hey! Nice boots! What size are they? I know you'd LOVE to share! :)
    Love you!