Monday, April 19, 2010


Back on the W W wagon after an all-too-brief stint with the "good life" that left me wanting gourmet seafood for every meal. :)
I find that packing my food for the day is like packing clothes for vacation. YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO WANT TO WEAR ONCE YOU GET THERE!!! So you pack OPTIONS. Well, I do. Ask my husband or my GBF/travel buddy. :)
So...when being a Weight Watcher on her best behavior, I pack a whole (reusable tote) grocery bag and decide later what good-girl route to take. :)

This weekend had it's usual laughs and gaffes...but one marquee moment was when...there was a PROPOSAL in my station!!! At my 9 dollars a plate-12.99 for a three course meal corporate restaurant...
And lovely for them. I wish them the very best. But, SERIOUSLY????
My youngest (and recently married) sister told me to stop hating and that anywhere that a person asks another person to spend the rest of their life together is romantic. I'm trying to get on board that happy ship...but the guy left me 5 on forty...

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  1. Hey cutie,
    The guy's probably broke. He just spent his savings on a diamond. Sorry he wasn't very generous to you. Was it a pretty diamond?