Monday, April 5, 2010

a little thrifting

I did some digging around a Goodwill today and got all this loot for $12.00!!
A Complete Weight Watcher cookbook, an antique dessert cookbook, a gold lame clutch, a big gold pendant necklace, a pretty silver tray, a cute stuffed pig, a huge candle with an old school nautical map design, a plate (I think I'll mount on my kitchen wall) that says "Once In a Blue Cheese," a black and white print wrap dress, a retro hat box (think I may actually keep all my hats in it) and a set of 4 really nice heavy yellow plates.
Oh and also, until today I had no Goodwill they have a Book a Month club. You just go in and get one free book every month. No strings attached. :) So I got the big binder of a W W cookbook as this months free book. Pretty sweet. :)


  1. Next time I want to go with you! On the joy of the hunt! Great finds!

  2. What a lovely blog you have....found you through your sweet mom. I so love going to all those shops...I always come home happy and with something fun. xo

  3. Great finds you got and great prices too! I came to your blog via your Moms! Visit mine too...I'm having a $100 giveaway. Now on to read more of your posts.