Saturday, April 17, 2010

photo wall

This is a photograph of my grandparents when they were young. It was discovered while cleaning out Gram's things because she was moving to a local nursing home after Granddad's passing this October (after a brief and intense bout with cancer). It is with great sadness that I look at this picture but, yet see so much hope and so much love. :)

We live in a cute third floor apartment and the outside walls are slanted. It's actually pretty cool because the windows are set into the walls and have reverse sills. If you can picture that. :)
Anyhoo, I don't have many flat walls for hanging photos so I decided to make the most of the large, flat wall in my living room.

There are lots of photos of K and me and our families and friends. Some of my favorites are his mom's Senior Picture, and an action shot of my Dad playing High School basketball. Oh, and one can't forget the one of me with my two best friends posing as "three pees in a pod." :)

I added the pic of "G and G" in a sweet frame and also a picture of my Uncle Rob (their oldest son) who was taken by cancer in early 2006. It's one of my favorite photos of "Unc" because he is decked-out in hometown gear and it was rooting for the home team that made him the happiest. Whether it was the Red Sox or my High School Softball team. :)
And here's the continues to be (as my Mom would say) a work in progress... :)


  1. I was feeling a little verclempt reading your post. That's one of my favorite pics of G&G. Your picture wall looks amazing.

    LIVE every moment. LAUGH every day. And LOVE beyond words. nice

    love you.

  2. That is an impressive collection of family pictures.
    I like the way you use black frames to make it cohesive. Very art "gallery'ish".

  3. Thanks!! I forgot to mention in my post that about 2/3 of the frames were all different colors but I spray painted them all when I first got the idea for the wall. That's a lot of cohesion for 99 cents at Wal-Mart!! :) :) :)