Thursday, April 22, 2010

tales from the tub...

After a 12-hour day on my feetsies that included a total system failure of our kitchen and front of house computers (EVERYTHING) that meant we had to hand-write our orders and use calculators to give disgruntled guests their checks...I deserved a hot bath...
By the way, at first I tried to make it fun by pretending we were all in a fifties diner, but that got old seriously quickly. :)

As I was about to settle in my wonderful bath, I realized that I had to choose one of the many things I'm currently reading...feeling philosophical? I could keep reading Eat Pray Love (Part two, the praying, in India) go easy and entertaining with Tori's Spelling's Mommywood...Get some recipe ideas in my W W cookbook?? Flip through Marie Claire (and read about how a 78 dollar scarf is a "steal?" although, I did actually really like the mag, in general, and Jessica Simpson's au natural photo shoot)...A little Sports Illustrated?? Better Homes and Gardens??
I was more exhausted trying to decide!! Because, after all this, I really MUST tell you...I picked Marie Claire (fewer words, more pictures) :)
So, it's off to bed I go. I have tulips to plant tomorrow. :)
Ooooooh!! One cool thing, before I go!!
My mom, and fellow Weight Watcher, MADE me a super cool (and one of a kind) POINTS COUNTER.
It's a calendar that she made little pegs for so you can put one on your points allowed and keep daily track with the other one. SO COOL :)
And that's my (still alive and kickin) birthday plant named, Spider Monkey. I let her wear my butterflies when I'm not. :)
(must getting more and more crazy!! :)

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  1. That's not a W.W. counter. That's a work of ART!

    Hope you soaked enough, to lose yourself.