Tuesday, April 13, 2010

First Inaugural Birthday Blog

My 28th birthday began with martinis at lunch as many fabulous birthdays do. :)
Yesterday was an embarrassment of riches. I was so blessed to have many of my best friends make mini road trips to come to my little hometown for my birthday soiree.
We played Rock Band, dined on hand-delivered pizza, and were entertained by some super cute little ones. :) My niece and nephew were here and brought as much joy and wonder to my birthday as they do to my life. :)

I got many thoughtful gifts, including plants and flowers and birthday balloons.. :) And RED SOX TICKETS!! from my best friend and fellow super fan. :) And many sweet cards...especially the one from my husband.

My Mom gave me an array of sweet gifts including a new book that I have been dying to read. Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. When I'm through I will post a full review. :) I think I'll draw a post birthday bath and get started right now...(anything to postpone the post birthday CLEAN UP!!)

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  1. Fun party, sweet girl! Glad so many of your friends could come on a Monday night! You are blessed! You really have a strange schedule from the rest of the normal {hehe} :) world!
    Love you!