Wednesday, April 21, 2010

baseball and frog blog

My Uncle got us Red Sox tickets for Christmas and at the time it seemed so far away!! Now it's come and gone but what a time we had!! He got tickets for me and my sisters and the men in our lives. ;) We have never gotten to go all together so that was especially awesome.
It was a beautiful night in the city and we had a great time. The Sox were down the whole game, but in the final innings they pulled off some of their comeback magic. They ended up winning with a walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth. We went crazy!! The whole stadium did. It was awesome!!
And THAT'S why we never leave early (although, K would if anyone else would let him). My Dad leaves early every game and we always call him and say, "We won and you woulda been on the T!!" :)

So...what's the only thing better than a walk-off win for the Sox at Fenway??? I'll tell ya. :)
It's the look on my little nephew Dayton's face when I give him his frog cookie.
He enjoyed his "fwog" and even shared with my niece, Olivia. She's his cousin and he calls her "Ya-ya, " which is just about the cutest thing anyone's ever heard. :)
We played outside on the slide and swings, played in the dirt, and rolled in the grass. It was a beautiful April day with my favorite little ones.

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  1. Christmas gifts in April are so much fun.
    Especially with family!
    Christmas gift,Baseball game,whole family, mmmm....
    Tell your uncle thanks for the idea.

    It sounds like you were one of the kids playing. That makes a very fun Aunt.