Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Tuesdays with Livi

On Tuesdays, I babysit my niece, Olivia, while her momma works. I get her at 1:30 and her mom gets back around 8:30 and leaves after we hang out for a bit. :)
Today was a full day of eating and playing. :) She likes to gather up all the mini-basketballs and put them in her "purse" (K's football Easter basket) which I haven't put away because she loves playing with the eggs too much. They may have to be in her toy box year-round.
I should have taken a picture of her with the football purse but we were too busy playing. As I was looking at the pictures I shot today, I thought to myself...It's looks like all we do is EAT!! But I think it's really that that's the only time she sits still for a second and I can snap a decent picture. :)
We had grilled cheese for lunch and she liked hers dipped in tomato soup. I made mine on W W bread with French Onion Laughing Cow cheese and it was DELISH.
K gave her some yogurt while I was making the grilled cheese and warming up the soup. I am happy to report that we all had a lovely, warm cozy kind of lunch together and that at one point Livi insisted on staying close and I successfully made a grilled cheese with a child on my hip. :) I was feeling both maternal and quite proud of myself. :) I felt like SuperAuntie for the rest of the day.

Later in the afternoon, we had a snack of hummus with wheat crackers and popcorn. I recently let Livi try hummus (one of my very favorite things) and figured I'd just let her try it and she'd hate it and we'd move on. Well, now she is my most recent convert. She loves the stuff. I spread it on her crackers and she gobbles it up and then says, "Moo-ah" and I say, "Say, more, please" and she would say, "Moo-ah peas." HAAAA She really is the cutest, sweetest thing. (Except she does say "NO!" about five thousand times a day...)

And then by 6:00 PM she was still resisting her nap and we were both starting to go a little crazy...Finally she laid down on me and we both fell asleep. :)
I eventually wiggled out for fear I may overheat and she slept until her Mommy got home. All in all it was a wonderful, fulfilling, exhausting day. :) I love this little munchkin so much!! <3 <3 <3


  1. Awww...what a FAB day! I just want to kiss the little sweet dahlin' girl!
    Tuesday's with Livi...CUTE!

  2. Love the top picture of Livi look at K!
    How cute is that!
    The last picture says it all...so much fun with Auntie.