Monday, April 5, 2010

All good things must come to a start...

The other day I was making a dessert at the corporate restaurant I work for and I hear the out-of-place sound of a blender behind me. I turn to find my manager attempting to "blend" an order of fish and chips. The fish and fries are smashed into the bottom and the blender is squealing..."You have to add liquid," I tell him. "Like what?" he asks me. "I'd go with ketchup," I tell him with a grin. The wacko old lady who asked for her dinner prepared this way decided on tarter sauce and I thought to myself (and mom especially, pardon my french) someone has GOT to write this shit down.
So why not me??
I just needed a little more inspiration...

As a friend and I were trying to decide on a nail polish color, I read a few of the better names to her. Some were fairly clever. I thought back to a time several years ago when I got my nails done every couple of weeks. That idea, now, seems simply crazy. Now, I would silently judge anyone who wasted their time and money on something so frivolous. That was then and this is now I suppose. I remembered the name of a shade that I used to wear...a pinkish red called Not Just a Waitress.
I thought back to my life then and I realized how much had changed...and how much had stayed the same.
Then I was an engaged college student who worked waiting tables.
Now I am a married college graduate who works waiting tables.

I am many things...a woman, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a grandchild, an aunt, a friend, a writer, a collector of books, a Weight Watcher, an amateur interior designer, a lover of music and theater, an athlete, a Red Sox fan (a total sports nut, really), an outspoken, opinionated, creative thinker...and that's just to name a few. See?? Not Just a Waitress.

I'll leave my first post (!!!) with a couple of pictures...just to get the ball rolling. :)
In honor of Easter yesterday, I share theses photos of some of my Easter decor. I thought the eggs in the vase things was clever and the other photo is what happens when I ask my husband to put the jelly beans in the candy dish. If you knew my husband you'd know...ask him to do anything and hilarity (with a touch of frustration) ensues.


  1. Great post, Crystal, and welcome to the blog world! You're going to love it!
    And...your French is pardoned...
    just this once!

  2. And I too, welcome you to the blogging world. That is where I met your mom, a wonderful blogging friend.

    (listen to your mother!)

  3. Well technically he DID do what you asked him... ;) Welcome to the blog world!