Monday, May 30, 2011


I hope everyone had a fun Memorial Day 
with their friends and family.
We woke up to the sound of thunder and driving rain
and, unfortunately, there was no parade today.
But, it cleared up by late morning and brightened into a HOT, sunny day.
Beth and I decided to let Mom relax 
and took care of the grocery shopping, prepping, and cooking.
Beth is an awesome helper, I told Mom today,
"She does everything I say!" :)
Here's the spread. :)
And here's the boy's idea of helping...

Dad started to fill up the pool today (thank goodness!!)
Fearless little Livi had some fun in the FREEZING cold water
straight from the hose
 Oh, to be young and have such reckless abandon. :)

We also had the summer's first watermelon.  My favorite. :) :) :)

On our ride home, K and I stopped to visit Granddad's grave...
So proud of him and all those who served today...

Please remember Blake and his Unit in your prayers
today and everyday.
God Bless those who serve our country.

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  1. Hugs my sweet friend...lovely images...let us never forget those amazing men and women. xoxox