Monday, May 2, 2011

fun, sun, run

K and I have had some serious fun lately
out enjoying the sunshine :)
batting cages haven't LIVED 
until you've had Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and Kits Kats
folded into your ice cream and put in a waffle cone 
dipped in chocolate and RAINBOW SPRINKLES!!! :) :) :)
It was our first time at Coldstone Creamery.
(and I had to work out for seven hours the next day ;) )

Yesterday, I ran my first 5K...slowly!!
Haa!! My time was nothing to brag about, but I ran the whole thing,
and more was for a great cause. :) :) :)
I definitely want to do many more races for many more great causes!!
And...most definitely wanna improve my time. ;)

I'm spending the day with the Doo Doo Bird,
who told me this morning not to call him that...
"Call me Dayton.  I am a BIG BOY!"
Tonight, my sissypoos and I are going to see
Water for Elephants
I just finished reading the book last night...
and looking forward to a fun (and no doubt giggly) night out with my sisters.
:) :) :)


  1. That ice cream "cone" has my name all over it!
    Glad you ate it because I wouldn't have worked out!

    Congratulations on finishing the RUN! Way to go!
    Proud of you!

    Let us know if the movie is as good as the book!
    Hope you have lots of giggles.

  2. What a fun day...and I would take your icecream treat any day of the week...delish my sweet friend. We just got a coldstone here...will be going soon. xooxxo hugs